Symantec creates a Catch-22 for Microsoft claiming its security behavior is a "conflict of interest."

by David Spark on February 8, 2007

At the RSA Conference San Francisco, a conference about online security, John Thompson, CEO of Symantec took a swipe at Microsoft for trying to be all things to all people. Chronically bundling services, and new applications into its operating system has been a pattern for each subsequent upgrade of Microsoft Windows. Vista has many new security enhancements.

Thompson said when it comes to security, Microsoft’s behavior is a “conflict of interest.” No one company, even his own, should try to do everything. And in the case of Microsoft he claims that the company that’s creating the operating system shouldn’t also be the ones security it.

Well, it appears that Microsoft then is in a pickle. Because they are continuously a target for not security issues regarding their operating system, yet Thompson claims it’s a conflict of interest what they’re trying to do. So, what should they do?

Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of Spark Media Solutions.

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