Visibility Tactic #6: Deepen Relationships through Serialized Programming

on February 2, 2015

Talk to anyone who has a successful business podcast and chances they’ll tell you their show is one of their biggest drivers of new clients. Serialized programming, such as an audio or video podcast or even a newsletter, invites your audience to have a relationship with you and it allows you to build your brand over time. Plus, a podcast allows your brand to have persistent placement on their personal device (phone or iPod), and when they choose to listen you’re reaching them in a more relaxed state. A newsletter is a repeated invitation to appear in their email inbox.

VisibilityTip06_aInvite a few existing and potential customers to be on your serialized program to develop a deeper level of trust between you and your audience, who will inevitably purchase your products and your services.

While podcasts are such great drivers of business, very few companies choose to produce them, because it takes a serious financial and time commitment. It takes a while to build an audience. Magazines don’t all of a sudden get thousands of subscribers from a single issue. The same is true with podcasts, which require a long-term commitment, at least one year. Remember, at one time, all successful podcasters were virtual unknowns.


Creative Commons photo attributions to Lucas Arraes and domesticat.

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