Visibility Tactic #5: Create the Definitive Industry Content Piece

on January 29, 2015

VisibilityTip05_e VisibilityTip05_c VisibilityTip05_aDo you find customers and potential customers asking the same questions over and over again? If the people you know are asking the same questions, chances are pretty high there are others you’ve yet to meet who have the same questions. Collect answers to these questions into a definitive piece, such as an ebook, to establish your editorial brand as an industry leader on this topic. Title it properly, with words such as “The Definitive Guide to ____________” where the blank is a highly searched industry term.

Your audience will turn to it hoping for answers. Make sure you deliver. Come up short and your editorial brand building effort will backfire. These types of pieces can rank high in search, often for years after they’re published.

If the piece works out well, seriously consider doing periodic updates.

Creative Commons attribution to nyuhuhuu.

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