Visibility Tactic #1: How to Increase Your Discoverability and Thought Leadership

on January 12, 2015

A good first step in any content strategy is to create industry thought pieces that have long shelf life. These pieces, developed in the media of your choice, will be your editorial brand’s anchor content. They act as the building blocks of your company’s thought leadership program and the overall editorial brand.

VisibilityTip01x_aThat’s a great start, but most content-minded organizations focus their editorial efforts on just this part of the equation, a proactive content strategy. The problem with only being proactive is that your visibility is limited to the audience who visits your publishing platforms. If you only publish to your blog your wisdom will have limited visibility.

A reactive content strategy dramatically increases your brand’s chance of discovery. This technique requires you to actively watch industry trends and react quickly with your take on the issue. That reaction could be as simple as a tweet, a blog comment, or better yet a blog post, video, or podcast episode. Success with this technique requires the editorial staff to have a well-honed system for both watching industry trends and publishing responses quickly. You must publish when industry interest is at its highest.


Creative Commons photo attributions to Edith Soto and Chase Elliott Clark.

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