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Why Online Privacy Matters Even if You’ve Got Nothing to Hide #privacystory

on April 13, 2017

You don’t have to be doing anything illegal, criminal, or something you’re ashamed of to be concerned about your online privacy. Yes, criminals and unscrupulous people can take advantage, but even if you lead the most humdrum mundane life, well-meaning people, businesses, and government agencies can use your personal data against you.

For example, in aggregate, your data could be used to:

  • Impersonate you
  • Fool you into a gauntlet of trust
  • Let others pass judgement for personal behavior expressed online

This type of behavior happens all the time in social media. If you haven’t yet had that “creeped out” moment online, it’s just a matter a time. Sadly, each of us has a treasure trove of online data that others could use to extort us or take our past history out of context.

At the Security BSides conference in San Francisco, while reporting for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, I approached attendees and asked them when they realized the importance of online privacy. I was fishing for personal stories, and I got a ton of them. Definitely watch this video to hear these eye-opening moments. And after you’re done watching the video, please tell your tale. You can post it anywhere, just add the hashtag #privacystory. A HUGE thanks to the people at Remediant for their financial support of this video.

Since the current state of technology can reveal, trade, and store our data forever, the ONLY protection we have are laws. With the Trump administration’s interest in deregulation, it’s a free-for-all with your personal data.

Creative Commons photo attribution to hyku.

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