AOL’s search "screw up." Mac’s Time Machine. SpongeBob for money.

by David Spark on August 8, 2006

An individual’s search is revealing. And when AOL released twenty million to the public it was quite embarrassing, or as they like to say, “a screw up.”

Although none of the search results identified any individual user, they were tied to a unique user number.

For example, user 17556639 wanted information on “How to kill your wife,” “pictures of dead people,” “decapatated (sic) photos,” and “poop.”

And another user asked, “How long will the swelling last after my tummy tuck?” John, I want you to know I never noticed it.

At the World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose, Steve Jobs revealed a new backup system called Time Machine that not only simply backs up your data, but supposedly can also go back in time to recover anything you’ve ever backed up. And Google has struck a deal with Viacom that lets individual website owners generate revenue by posting ad-sponsored episodes of shows like “SpongeBob SquarePants” and MTV’s “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.”

Only sites with 100,000 viewers a month can apply.

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