RIAA: Mussolini and Hitler’s love child? Radio Shack won’t take batteries back, but Dell will

by David Spark on August 16, 2006

In its effort to become the most hated organization ever, the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA brought a file-sharing lawsuit against a man who died. Having the sensitivity of a love child between Mussolini and Hitler, the record association offered the mourning family a 60-day grieving period before they began to depose the dead man’s children for a suit against his estate. After a massive online outcry of “You bastards,” the RIAA has decided to drop the case.

Dell is on fire. No, literally.

It appears the batteries in laptops they’ve been selling for the past few years are catching on fire. Good luck returning an open case of batteries to Radio Shack. But at Dell, they’re going to take back 4.1 million of them. What’s more embarrassing is reports show that Dell has known about their hot battery problem for years.

For those of you who want to keep your batteries cool and lasting longer, don’t use any external devices like USB drives and shut down all unused services. Here are some more battery life saving tips.

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