iPhone rumor specifics. Warner CEO’s kids are music thieves.

by David Spark on December 6, 2006

This story came out at the beginning of the week, but if you haven’t heard the latest on the iPhone, there are plenty of specific rumors on a potential release in January. According to reports, the phone will have both GSM and CDMA radios making it carrier independent. Plus it will have a slide out keyboard, a touch screen, and what’s most unusual, two batteries-one for the MP3 player and one for the phone. That means you can listen to your music and if that battery drains you’ll still be able to use your phone.

And here’s a fun twist. Warner Music Group CEO, Edgar Bronfman, admitted his one or more of his seven children had downloaded music illegally. Interesting to note that even though he had first hand knowledge of the offenses, he did not subpoena their ISPs or issue a lawsuit against any of them. Instead, he told them that it was wrong to download music illegally, and he reassured us that they will no longer be doing that again.

I wonder if those others accused of infringing music copyrights can opt for that punishment instead.

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