I'm addicted to StumbleUpon

by David Spark on April 19, 2007

StumbleUpon is a cool plug in for your browser that allows you to just keep clicking the “StumbleUpon” button and getting new cool websites approved by your fellow browsers. When I’m watching TV I’ll just keep clicking that button hoping to land on something interesting. And I must say the cool to not-so-cool ratio is pretty high.

Joining the button clicking fun is Google who is offering a similar “click this button and get a random approved cool website to check out” Web application. Their hook is that recommendations will be tied to your search patterns. I don’t necessarily think this is a valid indicator of what we’re interested in since searches are often conducted as one time needs for specific information. I believe direct visits to Web sites are more telling of our ongoing interests.

We’ll see how the application plays out and if they can withstand the rumors going around that StumbleUpon may be acquired by eBay.

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