Want to watch Natalie Portman's life?

by David Spark on May 8, 2007

Does Natalie Portman put on her pants one leg at a time or does she jump in both feet first? If we get to see a continuous video feed of her life we’ll be able to know if she’s just like us or she’s some freakish celebrity who functions at a higher plane. Natalie Portman’s on her “I’m so hot and you’re not” Silicon Valley geek tour. It’s all in an effort to get someone to pony up the millions to do a Natalie.tv program of her life. If it’s done a la Justin.tv it’ll be pointless because it’ll be from her point of view and we’ll never be able to see how hot she is. All we’ll get to experience is what it’s like to be her when guys are constantly staring at her breasts.

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