More iPhone obsession

by David Spark on June 19, 2007

Every day we’re going to count down the obsession to the iPhone. My recommendation to the political candidates is that they should each get one and be seen using it for the month of July. I’m sure discussions on “How do you like your iPhone?” will be of greater interest to the public than “What should we do with the friggin’ Iraq mess?”

So, everyone’s real concern these days isn’t whether they’ll get that promotion they’ve been fighting for, but rather how many hours of talk time the iPhone have (supposed eight) and will the screen be scratch resistant.

I agree the darn thing is cool, but one thing everyone has to keep in mind. This darn phone is NOT a 3G phone. I’m still completely baffled by that. Plus, it has the worst keyboard, and typing on a mobile device for email is the number one application.

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