Even the best description of your product can't beat a demonstration of your product – Be the Voice podcast

by David Spark on August 16, 2008

Episode one of the “Be the Voice” podcast stars VoIP industry thought leader and founder of iotum, Alec Saunders.

What is the “Be the Voice” podcast? Interviews with individuals developing thought leadership for themselves and their organization to drive business growth.
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David Spark and Alec SaundersHere are some of the highlights from my interview with Alec Saunders:

  • The “Holy Grail” of “Be the Voice” communications is to build thought leadership using your own product.
  • Give people the opportunity to see in action an applicable and fun use of your product.
  • The best description of a product can’t beat a demonstration of your product.
  • On developing his thought leadership in Voice 2.0, Saunders said, “I’m pushing others in the industry to adopt these technologies because when they do, it becomes easier for our company to do business.”
  • The alternative to spending money on marketing is developing your industry voice. It’s cheaper and long lasting.
  • Saunders’ blog traffic jumps correlates with jumps in his business site’s traffic (iotum).
  • Frequency of content wins. Saunders went from 300 visitors a day to 200,000 a month in just one year solely by writing three posts a day, NOT engaging in social media.

Read the entire article and listen to my interview with Alec Saunders [27:46m].

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