Twitter Updates for David Spark (dspark) 2008-08-19

by David Spark on August 19, 2008

  • Old post, but a good one. Side by side comparison: Flip Video Ultra vs. Flip Mino. #
  • Love Star Wars? Love SF? Watch this: #
  • “Nerds in Paradise”-7 min doc on ComicCon ’05. Really good video. #
  • @pud I prefer CoreFTP over Filezilla. I remember the reason I didn’t use Filezilla at the time is because it didn’t let you see hidden files #
  • @jayspeiden Following me? I sure hope you like lots of fart jokes. #
  • @morganb Thanks for flacking my new blog/podcast, “Be the Voice.” #
  • @fredrikkarlsson Hmm…I don’t know why you can’t save that Charlene Li interview. Let me look into it. #
  • Unbelievable. This video is not a video of a woman. It’s computer animation. Check it out: #

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