Scuba cams as cheap as $99

by David Spark on January 11, 2009

As usual, CES was awash with really cool gear, but I must say I was most impressed with the Scuba Cam from Liquid Image. I haven’t tested the product, but I like what I’ve seen from the video presentation. As you can see from the photo below, it’s a set of goggles with the camera on top and buttons for you to take still images and also video images. The lights on the side cost extra.

Liquid Image MaskMan with lights

What I’m really impressed by though is the price. You can get a standard VGA video model for $99 and an HD 720p/30 fps model that can shoot 5 megapixel pictures for $215. There’s another professional model that’s rated at higher depths that costs a little bit more.

Usually when they slap a video camera on top of some other object they double or triple the price because they assume that the elite audience (in this case divers), will pay for it. But these devices are priced at the same cost of the Flips.

Speaking of the Flips, Sony released a couple of Webbie HD camcorders that shoot 1080 x 1440 HD video and they’re priced from $170-$200 which is less than the Flip Mino HD and higher quality. But we’ll have to wait and see from the tests on quality. It looks pretty darn cool. The newer model has a swivel camera so you can shoot videos of yourself.

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