A Microsoft phone? A Microsoft store? Interview with Mac OS Ken

by David Spark on February 18, 2009

Former colleague Ken Ray called me up last week to interview me for his podcast, Mac OS Ken. We talked about the viability of a Microsoft store and also whether Microsoft will make their own phone. Here’s my take on both. I think the Microsoft store can be a boon to Microsoft’s image and if done like Apple, could create a human personal connection to its brand. I don’t think Microsoft will make its own phone. They’ve already got a huge install base with Windows Mobile and they don’t want to install the handset manufacturers who have made them so successful until now. Ken corrects himself thinking that iPhone has a larger install base. Listen until the end. Time is 16:21.

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BTW, if you’re a huge Mac fan, you should definitely subscribe to Ken’s show. He’s got a free and a paid model.

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