What will you find at Recovery.gov?

by David Spark on February 20, 2009

Recovery.gov is the Obama administration’s effort to show everyone how funding from the current stimulus will be spent in a targeted, timely, and transparent manner. I mentioned Recovery.gov earlier in my post, “New ways to connect with the government under the Obama administration.” But at the time, Recovery.gov had yet to get up and running. It’s up and running now, and here’s what you’ll find:

That’s it. While I admire the effort to create Recovery.gov, the site is rather anemic. Yes, it’s great that it’s simple that the lay person can understand it. But its lack of depth makes it look like a start up company’s first company site. There’s only about a dozen to twenty pages on this entire site. My feeling is people are going to want to see a lot more. Hopefully this is only version 1.0 and we can expect a lot more in the future. I’ll stay tuned and let you know.

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