A military camp in China for Internet addicts

by David Spark on March 1, 2009

Are you on the Web 6 hours a day consecutively for three months? If so, then you fall under the definition of an Internet addict and your parents need to ship you off to military camp. Such is the case in China where Internet addiction has become a real problem and parents who’ve failed at limiting computer time are having to take far more drastic steps like sending their kids to a military camp for Internet detox.

Parents have to go with junior as well as they’re often the problem with the addiction. Patients and parents stay in the camp for three months and undergo non-Internet related activities such as military training, reading, therapy, and sports.

The most common symptoms of Internet addicts is that they get upset very easily and they’re afraid of people. Looks like one solution for both is a lot of “hugging it out” therapy.

Check out Time Magazine’s great story about Internet addiction and props to my friend Patrick Mauro, sports radio host, for bringing this story to my attention.

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TramadolAbuse1 November 9, 2011 at 6:46 pm

Well said. Of course, many scientists can do more, and we encourage all of our colleagues to speak publically about their research and, as the international glaciological research community did in this case, to try to correct …

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