The number one spot for prostitution: Nevada or Craigslist?

by David Spark on March 8, 2009

“With Craigslist there is no need for pimps,” said a 35 year old sex worker in San Francisco.

Chicago Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart agrees with her and is accusing Craigslist as being one of the largest sources of prostitution in the country. His office claims that Craigslist’s erotic section is making it easier for pimps and prostitutes to market themselves and evade the police.

First Craigslist takes all the classified dollars from local newspapers, and now they’re taking hookers and pimps from our red light district. Is there no end to the menace of Craigslist?

Honestly, I don’t know what Chicago’s Dart is complaining about. There’s lots of evidence of Craigslist actually helping law enforcement catch criminals and I can’t think of an easier way to catch them than through a computer. They’re posting up there, just create a fake profile connect, and arrest them – prostitutes, pimps, or Johns.

Check out CNET’s long history covering this story.

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