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How Do YOU Build Employer Brand?

on October 4, 2012

You’re smart, right? You work at an awesome job, right? How do you let the world know that, or at least the people you want to attract as great talent, know that? I’m working on a piece for Dice Resources and I’m hoping some of you can give me input on this question:

As we move into 2013, what’s your innovative tip for building employer brand?

The article will look a lot like this article: 18 Expert Tips to Get Started in Social Media.

Feel free to answer in the comments here, or drop me an email at daspark AT gmail DOT com.

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Ford October 9, 2012 at 10:32 am

If the organization is doing most things well already, not angering employees with abusive policies and poor (or lack of any) management techniques, then one suggestion is making recognition part of the company culture. Having a set of values (not too many) that people can live and work with is a start. That doesn’t mean employee of the month/year stuff. It means making acknowledgement of desired and/or extraordinary behavior based on the values, part of you management style and company culture. People respond to recognition. “Catching people doing right” is often far more effective than the opposite. Psychic rewards for having a culture of recognition can result in a lot more workplace joy and cooperative teamwork. There will be those who don’t get it, are cranky, resistant, out for themselves so perhaps they need to be shown the new way or the doorway.
There are books written about creating company cohesiveness and brand. Standing for something valuable is the start.

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