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Hacking Media Production: Tricks to Promote My Ebook and Hopefully Your Ebook Too

on February 14, 2014

Here’s a long overdue episode of Hacking Media Product, with a previous guest, Dan Janal (@prleads) of PRLeads. Dan is a promotions pro and he was also recently quoted in my latest ebook:

Hazardous to Your Social Media Health
50 Previously Condoned Behaviors We No Longer Recommend

Please register and get your copy of the book for free.

Ebook promotion techniques

Dan and I connected on Skype for a chat about different techniques for promoting my ebook, which you can obviously use for your ebook t0o! Listen to our 22 minute conversation here:

Some ebook promotion ideas

  • Hazardous to Your Social Media Health - EbookPost graphics from your ebook on Pinterest
  • Turn book graphics into an infographic
  • Post ebook on Amazon. They accept free ebooks and place it into multiple categories. Reach out to friends who read the ebook and ask them to write a review.
  • This list has a slew of locations where you can promote your free Kindle ebook.
  • Write articles for each of the topics mentioned in the book. Post them on other sites linking back to your ebook.
  • Look for ways to engage people in conversation on topics mentioned in the ebook.
  • Leave messages on groups in LinkedIn. Just post a link to your article and ask people, “What do you think about this?”
  • Follow people who are writing about the topic of interest and then comment intelligently. Don’t just write, “Great blog post.” Add statistics, a quote, or an opinion.
  • Do some traditional advertising, and it’s ok to bid low and not be the top result. You don’t need to be number one in Google results. Somewhere on the first page is sufficient.
  • Make a final pitch for your business in the ebook. Make it it clear how you can help them. Somewhere in your “About” section answer this question: “I can help your company do ______ by creating ______.”
  • Aim to get speaking gigs connected to your ebook. You’ll garner the greatest success from it.
  • And lastly, Dan Janal says, “If you don’t tell people you have a book nobody is going to go out there looking for it. The author has to constantly promote the book.”

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