Beatles music online? Intel does a teraflop. Barack Obama’s online dating site.

by David Spark on February 13, 2007

Been talking about the rumor of the Beatles catalog being available on iTunes soon. Well that rumor is heating up and it appears their music will be available for digital download, but across all the sites, like Rhapsody and Yahoo! Music. It won’t just be exclusively iTunes even for a limited time.

I don’t normally like doing stories about the latest processor, but Intel has just announced a prototype chip that has reached teraflop speed. That means it can conduct 1 trillion calculations in a second. What’s more amazing is it uses as much power as a 60-watt bulb. To put this in context, only ten years ago Sandia National Laboratories had that kind of processing power, but it took 10,000 Pentium Pro processors and 500 kilowatts of electricity.

Barack Obama announced his run for presidency adds social networking to his website. Obama fans can talk about everything Barack. Or Barack fans can talk about everything Obama. Meet other Barack Obama fans and go out on dates with them. Create a clever political handle and post a photo with lots of cleavage at

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