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Exposing the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship

on February 9, 2018

The relationship between security vendors and CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) has become increasingly contentious, due in part to their co-dependency on each other:

  • CISOs need security vendors’ products to improve their security posture.
  • Security vendors need CISOs because they purchase security products.

Problem is that they sometimes drive each other crazy. The contention is evident  when reading  the flurry of industry posts on the subject on LinkedIn, and glancing at the rallying responses of security professionals and vendors alike.

Having reporting on the security space for almost nine years, I see the frustration on both sides. My firm Spark Media Solutions works with both camps regularly, giving us unique vantage points.

I’ve decided to examine different aspects of the vendor/CISO relationship in a series for Forbes.  Below are descriptions of and links to the articles. Please join in the active discussions on LinkedIn. I’ll update this post with new installments as they are published.

The CISO/Security Vendor Relationship series on Forbes:

Do CISOs Fall for Obvious Sales Ploys?

Should security vendors use the same fear tactic on a CISO that they use to scare my mom?

(discussion on LinkedIn)

  The “15 Minutes of Your Time” Request

The request of “15 minutes of your time” is seen as a gamble hoping that the CISO/CSO will be “nice to you.” Maybe that’s not the best tactic if what you’re selling is a solution to their security problems.

(discussion on LinkedIn)

  Should you Market to the CISO’s Direct Reports?

Who within an organization should a security firm select to pitch their product? Should they go to the top of the food chain, or start partway down?

(discussion on LinkedIn)

  How to Uncover Security Concerns When Customers Won’t Tell You

Most often a CISO won’t tell you their security concerns, but here are seven techniques you can use to figure out what they are.

(discussion  on LinkedIn)

  15 Ways to Make ‘First Contact’ with a CISO

CISOs universally agree that relationship selling is more effective than traditional marketing. How then do you form that initial relationship with a CISO?

(discussion  on LinkedIn)

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