AlwaysOn Stanford Summit, Day 2

by David Spark on July 28, 2006

OK, technically, it was Day 3, but nobody went on Tuesday, and I only went on Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m calling it Day 2.
One session asked, “Can we and should we secure the Internet to protect intellectual property?” The CTO of Sun Microsystems argued that you fight it by creating more knowledge. “It may be a leaky bucket, but you just keep filling it faster.”

It reminded me of what the late great comedian Bill Hicks once said about other comedians stealing his material. “I don’t care. I’ll just write more jokes.”

The event ended with on stage experts and the audience placing a series of visionary scientific and societal long ranged bets, such as:

– In just a few years, robots will conduct surgery remotely.
– The universe will stop expanding.
– And my favorite: by the year 2030, Microsoft Windows will require a terabyte to install.

If you missed the conference, don’t worry, many of the sessions are available online. Note, as of writing this post, none of the sessions had yet been posted. Hopefully they will be by Friday.

My favorites:
How Far Will Consumer Generated Media Go?
Has the Software as a Service Model Finally Arrived?
Has Blogging and Social Networking Changed the Marketing Game?
IP Threats
What’s Your Long Bet?

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