News for July 19th, 2006

by David Spark on July 22, 2006

No more yelling for Yahoo! While quarterly income met expectations, the street didn’t like it and sent shares down 20%. While Yahoo’s graphical display ads are booming, its text-based search ads are not.

Here’s something that won’t help you sleep tonight. 80% of malware is getting through your anti-virus program. According to an Australian security group. It’s not that your virus program stinks, it’s just that the virus writers are really good.

CinemaNow began offering a download-to-DVD service which can be played on any DVD player, not like their previous version which could only be played on your computer’s DVD player.

Reuters is reporting that hospitals are considering embedding RFID tags in surgical tools to prevent leaving them in patients.

And filed under, They still don’t get it, WalMart has created the least cool, and most corporate-controlled social network. All content is screened. Parents are alerted. And users can’t email each other. Good luck WalMart.

What does James Bond use when he’s travelling on the subway? A bulletproof iPod case. That and nine other odd iPod accessories.

Spark ponders:

  • Every single social network would have to shut down before I’d join a WalMart social network. And then I’d log in with a false name. I’ve never been in a WalMart.What would it take for you to join a WalMart social network?
  • I once spent $30 for a jogging band for my shuffle. Thirty dollars for a rubber band. What’s the most you’ve ever spent for an iPod accessory?
  • I love Netflix. I don’t know if I’d ever want to download to DVD. The hassle isn’t worth it for me, unless they offered something I couldn’t get anywhere else, like home movies my grandfather shot.Does the CinemaNow download-to-DVD service look appealing to you?

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