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A tour of an IndyCar steering wheel

on October 24, 2011

Talking with Social Racing Grid reporter Brent “Woody” Harvey, Race Engineer for IndyCar driver Simona de Silvestro walks through all the different buttons and functions on de Silvestro’s steering wheel.

Here’s a review of everything Harvey showed us:

  • Radio button – that’s how she communicates to the pits.
  • Drink button – Gets a drink during the race through a tube.
  • Fuel count reset – When de Silvestro comes into the pits she resets this button by holding it down for three seconds.
  • Light settings – Green light means she’s below two gallons and she needs to come into the pits.
  • Page button – Can send different information to her dash.
  • Push to pass or Boost button – Has 20 of these to use in this race for 12 seconds. Gives her an extra 300 RPM.
  • Neutral button – Get the car into neutral when you’re coming into the pits.
  • Pit speed limiter button – Get the car under 60 MPH.
  • Soft limiter button – Can pump it up with this button. Want to be as close to the RPM limiter as you can.
  • Fuel dials – How much fuel she want to be using.
  • Upshift and downshift paddles – Change gears.
  • Weight jacker – Extend the rear for grip or understeer.

Photo is of Dario Franchitti’s steering wheel on the Target Ganassi car.

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