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Free report "Real-Time Search and Discovery of the Social Web"

by David Spark on December 7, 2009

rt_search_iconCall it good or bad timing, but I just happen to finish a report on real-time search on the day that Google announced its roll-out of its integrated real-time search results within its general search results. While I had to do some last minute edits, the report is done and I’m making it available to everyone for free.

Simply register to receive the 20-page report, “Real-Time Search and Discovery of the Social Web.”


UPDATE (August 28th, 2010): Google now has its own full-blown real-time search engine. They have a detailed article about it here. This report explains the background as to why Google had to make this decision, and the competitors they still have to face.

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I’m giving the report away for free. All I ask in return is some feedback. Positive, negative, but whatever it is, please make it constructive. I’m eagerly learning as much as I can about this subject. This is an area that I think is going to grow like crazy, and we’re only looking at a thumbnail’s worth of what is yet to come.

Here are some highlights from the report.

  • Real-time search could steal away as much as $40 billion from traditional search. Google and Microsoft’s announcement to incorporate real-time search results is a good first step to prevent losses.
  • The definition of real-time search is far more varied than the definition of traditional search. You’ll see more variations in what is considered a real-time search engine.
  • All real-time search engines are far from equal. The major reason is they don’t index the same content.
  • Real-time search engines that only index Twitter are missing up to 90 percent of the real-time web.
  • One exciting new aspect of real-time search is the creation of real-time programming that will be complimentary and competitive with traditional programming (e.g. TV, radio, print, and online).

Enjoy and let me know what you think. David

December 10th, 2009 CORRECTION: The article mentioned that real-time search engine Wowd required a plugin for its use. That is not true. Current report is updated to reflect that it’s not required.

Photo credit: Creative Commons Bikoy.

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