News for July 20th, 2006

by David Spark on July 22, 2006

It’s an international news day today.

We’ll start in England, where the British government is blaming Steve Jobs and his iPod for their 22% increase in street crime.

In Vietnam, government approved porn! Or as they’re calling it, an “orthodox sex website” which will teach couples more about healthy sexual intercourse. Turns out married couples in Vietnam are not having enough sex and that’s resulting in divorce and increased prostitution. Heck, we have all the porn we need here and it hasn’t stopped anything.

Mobile phone messages have helped organize and coordinate the evacuations of Swedish citizens from Lebanon.

And lastly, watch out, that 12-year-old Boy Scout could be a cop. The Hong Kong government will be deploying 200,000 youths to troll the Internet searching for illegal copies of copyrighted music and movies that they will then report to the authorities.

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