E3 Powered Off? Digg User Profile for Sale. Colbert Challenges Wikipedia.

by David Spark on August 1, 2006

Has the computer gaming expo E3 been cancelled? Has it been downsized? No, it’s BOTH.

The loudest and brightest trade show appears to be evolving into a smaller form.

The problems? Nobody’s brain is wired to take that much stimulation. For the companies involved, the costs outweigh the benefits. But the show quickly lost its power when rumors say Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and EA multilaterally decided to pull out.

user’s profile is up for sale on eBay. Digg is the popular news linking site that lets users select and promote stories. Turns out top linking users are in hot demand ever since Weblogs’ CEO Jason Calcanis made a controversial offer to pay top linkers $1000 a month for linking.

And Stephen Colbert may be the most influential online TV celebrity. He did a hysterical piece on Wikipedia, calling it the democracy of information. He called out all his viewers to add bogus information to the entry on Elephants. The call went out, and people responded.

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