New iPhone? Boston Wi-Fi. CNN copies Current TV. Dotcom desperation redux.

by David Spark on August 1, 2006

The iPhone. The iPod and phone in one device. It’s the holy grail of gadgets. Motorola’s version tanked, and now LG has one distributed through Verizon. Cost, $150. Holds 1000 songs and you can download songs for $2. It looks pretty sharp.

The city of Boston is considering a plan for municipal Wi-Fi. But instead of looking toward private companies to do the deed as San Francisco has, they’re aiming to create a public non-profit.

CNN has decided to take a cue from San Francisco’s Current TV, the do-it-yourself cable news network. They launched CNN Exchange, a hub for people to submit and share their news videos.

And it smells like dotcom desperation once again. Software incubator Cambrian House pulled off a poorly planned publicity stunt. Using the theory that any news about Google gets press, they decided to arrive unannounced at Google’s campus with 1000 pizzas, completely forgetting that employees at Google get fed for free by world class chefs.

I looked at Cambrian House’s site and I honestly can’t tell you what they do. It appears this vaporware company wants you to submit business ideas to their site via a Web form. Watch the 9 minute video of the event and stick to the end when they get kicked off Google’s campus.

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