LG Chocolate bitter. AOL free 5 GB. Hold off on Vista. Damon’s Kirk.

by David Spark on August 4, 2006

Some follow ups on stories reported on earlier this week.

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, for many the final word on consumer technology, has dissed the LG Chocolate, the iPhone-like device from LG and Verizon. It’s not user-friendly like an iPod says Mossberg, and according to his tests the songs you buy work better than free songs you load onto it.

If you’re bummed, don’t worry, there are rumors aplenty that Steve Jobs will unveil an iPhone and a new line of MacBooks at the Apple developers’ conference in San Jose on Monday.

And for AOL, which is making all of its services for free is also adding for free 5 gigabytes of online storage. And it appears that they are going to drop the price of their dial-up service from $26 a month to only $10 a month.

I’ll actually be appearing on KQED’s “This Week in Northern California” tonight at 7:30pm discussing this story in greater detail.

Hold off on Windows Vista. Every expert I’ve read so far says to absolutely not install it if they go into production this October. It is still far too buggy.

And the most important story, the Internet Movie Database is reporting that Matt Damon will be playing the part of a young James T. Kirk in the eleventh Star Trek movie.

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