Nokia Tunes? Mylo’s Wi-Fi calls. Peeing in public.

by David Spark on August 9, 2006

While everyone waits for Apple to finally launch the iPhone, Nokia has already moved into the online music arena with the purchase of Loudeye, a digital music distributor. It’s all part of their master plan to tie their phones with a music download service which will probably be pretty uncomfortable for their operator customers who already have similar services in place.

In other phone news, Sony has released the Mylo, a very cool device that looks like a shrunken PSP with a slide out keyboard. It’s a media player with Wi-Fi access, Web, email, Yahoo! Messenger, and Skype. Meaning if you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot you can make free or near free phone calls. This device could be a boon for cities that have municipal Wi-Fi. Are you listening Mountain View?

And would you pee in the middle of the street where everyone could see you? Well, if you happen to go in this public toilet in Switzerland you might.

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