Forget the Zune.

by David Spark on November 9, 2006

We’re less than a week away from the release of Zune, Microsoft’s iPod killer, and I predict it’s going to go over like a fart in church. Microsoft has so pissed off all the non-iPod MP3 player manufacturers that were strong-armed into adopting their failed PlaysForSure platform only to watch Microsoft abandon it themselves while they developed a third proprietary system that only works with the Zune.

Universal Music Group will benefit though. They’re getting more than $1 for every $250 Zune sold.

The Zune is a failure out of the box. Because its most enticing feature is its Wi-Fi network music sharing feature that only connects with other Zune players. That means you might be able to use this new feature months after you buy the device. And if you do, you better use it quick. Songs beamed to you can only be played only three times within three days.

Next Tuesday is the launch date and I’m expecting there will be some more important news to cover that day.

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