In-flight iPods. Sony PS3 not backwardly compatible? Air guitar t-shirt

by David Spark on November 14, 2006

Trumping today’s release of the Microsoft Zune, Apple announced a deal with six airlines to integrate its iPod with the back-of-the-seat in-flight entertainment systems. Load up your video iPod with episodes of Lost and you can avoid suffering through the in-flight movie.

For those of you anxiously waiting for this Friday’s release of the Sony PS3, hold onto your old gaming consoles. Reports are claiming that the new gaming system isn’t as backwardly compatible as originally claimed. Supposedly, 200 games suffer in quality or simply don’t play on the new system.

And lastly, the air guitar t-shirt gives hope for the musically hopeless. No need to place your fingers on the frets, just move your arms while clothed in this wearable instrument shirt and you’ll be bleeding a riff.

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