High def DVD format over? Bezos in space. Brazil orders YouTube shutdown. Podzinger indexes YouTube.

by David Spark on January 5, 2007

There’s a new high def DVD format that could settle the never ending score between Bluray and HD-DVD. This third format, Total HD, supports players of both Bluray and HD-DVD. Alternatively, next week at CES, LG Electronics will be showing off a dual format high def DVD player that will play Bluray and HD-DVD disks.

Looking for a new job in the space program but you can’t get your foot in the door at NASA? There is another option. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is hiring engineers to help develop a space vehicle for his new commercial venture: sub-orbital space limousine service.

A Brazilian court has ordered YouTube to be shut down for not effectively removing a video of a famous Brazilian model having sex with her boyfriend. It appears every time YouTube pulls it down, some eager fan posts it back up again. The couple is demanding $116,000 for every day the video remains on the site.

And lastly, a very cool technology that I saw last year just got a little cooler. Podzinger is a search engine that automatically transcribes audio and allows you to search text spoken in podcasts and vlogs. Well now they’ve announced that you can search anything that’s ever been said on any YouTube video.

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