My predictions for 2007

by David Spark on January 2, 2007

Google will continue to issue press releases and be interviewed about their establishing a free Wi-Fi network in San Francisco. To the rest of us San Franciscans we won’t care because thanks to individuals not securing their personal networks, Wi-Fi is pretty much available everywhere now.

MySpace will begin its flameout. The home of the world’s ugliest personal homepages will decrease in functionality and coolness given public pressure to institute more parental protections. Once it looks like AOL, There will be a massive jumping ship as everyone will head towards a competing social network that has yet to be bought out by a public company.

More people will watch comedy online than on any of the major networks. And the networks know this. That’s why almost all of them are releasing original online comedy portals that will host the racy humor the FCC won’t let them play. For example, it’s rumored that Turner Entertainment spent one year and $100 million on the release of its online comedy play, SuperDeluxe. Get ready for the blockbuster release in just a couple of weeks.

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