Apple MVNO? P&G makes a risque video. Top 50 viral videos of 2006

by David Spark on December 14, 2006

Rumor has it that Apple will be releasing an MVNO or mobile virtual network operator. That’s when a company purchases air minutes from a mobile carrier and releases a phone and service through their own brand. ESPN did this with Sprint and Amp’d Mobile with Verizon. Soon possibly Apple with Cingular. MVNO’s have had mixed success, but predictions are that Apple wants to do this for complete customer control. Tag this rumor with the highly rumored iPhone release in January and Apple may have the biggest product/service release of the new year.

In very much a sign of the times, P&G, the company that wouldn’t step out on a limb even if it had lots of padding and safety ropes has released a series of risqué comedy videos about men having menstrual cramps. They, like many other advertisers are hoping that it will pick up some serious online viral activity. And they realized, the only way you’ll get people to pass along is if you take a comedic risk.

And if you want to know what it takes to create a viral video, take a look at iFilm’s collection of top 50 viral videos of 2006.

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