The 12 Principles of New Media

on February 27, 2007

Thanks to new media, we’ve collectively chosen to walk away from communal fixed-time media. No longer must we schedule our time around media and information in order to consume it. New tools allow us to easily produce, consume, and share information on our own timetable. Instead of someone we don’t know, like a newspaper editor or TV executive, directing our media consumption patterns, we have promoted ourselves to the title of Self-Directed Network Executive. Each one of us gets to determine for ourselves what we want to consume and when.

What continues in the next pages is my dissected view of the 12 principles of new media. This is my view today, early in 2007. It may change in a year. But for now, these principles are necessary elements you need to consider when embarking upon publishing in the new media space.

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Creative Commons photo attribution to nemuneko.jc.

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