The Drama of MySpace and Photobucket

by David Spark on April 24, 2007

Photobucket and MySpace have made nice and nobody knows why. Two weeks ago, in an earlier episode of this soap opera, MySpace removed Photobucket videos from users’ personal pages because Photobucket was running ads in its videos and MySpace wasn’t generating any revenue from them. Finally, the two of them have decided they’re both making so much money that they should stop complaining and just keep making money.

I think it was a smart move NOT to explain what happened because the Internet is now going to have a field day debating conspiracy theories as to what happened. Did MySpace buckle under the Photobucket user community pressure? Did Photobucket make an under the table deal with MySpace for a cut of the advertising revenue? Or is MySpace on its way to purchasing Photobucket which is what they were trying to thwart when they dumped Photobucket videos in the first place? Stay tuned. We can only hope for a cameo appearance of Erik Estrada in the next episode.

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