How PR Professionals Can Participate in New Media

by David Spark on May 17, 2007

Below are a series of support documents for the conference talk I’m moderating tomorrow entitled “How PR Professionals Can Participate in New Media.” The talk is for an event sponsored by the North Pacific District of the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) entitled “The Golden Gateway to the Global Village.”

The main document, “How PR Professionals Can Participate in New Media” (PDF) answers ten important issues:

  1. Losing control over the conversation
  2. Fueling conversations with content
  3. Become a participant yourself
  4. Who’s talking about you?
  5. Know WHEN people are talking about you and your clients
  6. Who are the top influencers in your space?
  7. Dealing with bad publicity online
  8. So you want bloggers to talk about you and your clients
  9. Just because you’ve got an influencer’s ear, doesn’t mean they’re going to talk positively about you
  10. PR and advertising convergence

Special thanks to my fellow participants on the panel, Chris Peterson of Chautauqua Communications and Greg Sterling of Sterling Market Intelligence for their input on this document.

Two other available documents are “The 12 Principles of New Media” (PDF) and “More Schmooze, Less Snooze: How to Deliver ‘The Most Talked About’ Conference Session.

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