ZDTV/TechTV 10th Anniversary Reunion

by David Spark on May 24, 2008

More than ten years ago, ZDTV launched a 24-hour cable television network in San Francisco about technology and the Internet. Paul Allen of Microsoft and Vulcan Ventures, bought the network and renamed it TechTV. After six years (I was there the first three), the network was sold for its subscribers and some programming to G4 TV, an even more narrowly focused cable network in Los Angeles about computer gaming. A small group of employees moved down to Los Angeles, and the rest were laid off. Today, G4 TV has no remnants of the original ZDTV/TechTV.

Today, employees of ZDTV/TechTV still keep in touch via a mailing list. David Chung (center, white shirt), who worked in the studio, organized this casual reunion at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. Here are some photos of my former colleagues and Allison Tom has some great photos that she shot as well.

None of us work for G4 TV today. :)

We had another reunion that was better attended than this one. Check out the video from that reunion.

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