Enterprise 2.0 Conf: Summary of coverage of the Enterprise 2.0 conference

by David Spark on June 13, 2008

David SparkIt’s Wednesday night, the big two days of the Enterprise 2.0 conference are coming to an end. I’ve blogged a ton and shot a lot of video at the conference. The overall sentiment I’m getting from all the attendees and from all the sessions I’ve attended is that enterprise 2.0 is not there yet, but it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable. Here’s a summary of the top learnings from the conference:

  • Young people entering the workforce communicate with Web 2.0 tools. They want more than just email.
  • Cloud computing is an easy way to launch a service and scale, but it’s far from being a true utility like electricity.
  • To innovate, you need to harness the wisdom of your network. First start with your staff and then move to partners and your audience.
  • When you create a collaborate Enterprise 2.0 space, TRUST your audience. Release the desire to control. Don’t control. Even the CIA recommends this.
  • Change management. Adoption requires evangelism and constant reminders and associating Web 2.0 tools with everything you’re doing.
  • Don’t just deploy social media for the sake of deploying social media. Develop a strategic business rationale.
  • There are tons of companies that offer business social networking solutions. Some are trying to offer everything, and some are just trying to solve a single problem.
  • Allow people to engage with your company outside of your .com business address. Let them engage with your brand where they already like to go, like Facebook, MySpace, etc.

And here’s a summary of all my coverage from the event. It’s a total of 23 posts of which seven include video. Enjoy. :)

Thanks to Alex Dunne for supplying all the photos for many of the posts. Make sure you check out his entire Flickr feed.

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