Enterprise 2.0 Conf: Social Network Shoot Out

by David Spark on June 13, 2008

It’s the last session of Wednesday, I have absolutely no idea what this session is about, but with a title like “Social Network Shoot Out,” I’m hoping there’s going to be some arguing and maybe some pushing and shoving.

Participants in the shoot out include:

The session is a Q&A session.

How did you get involved in social networking?

  • Strout: Bank of America came to us and said we’ve got a line item for $1 million for community. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it. At that point I knew that this community thing is going to be big.

What’s your least favorite tech buzzword?

  • Lawrence: Enterprise 2.0
  • Strout: 140 characters or less
  • Howard: Web 2.0
  • Wilson: Cloud computing

Is social computing right for all organizations?

  • Lawrence: If you have an anti-social culture, it’s not right. But it’s right for everyone else.
  • Wilson: I’m having a hard time finding out who it’s not right for.
  • Audience member: It’s different between fear-based culture vs. a secretive culture. Fear can’t handle it, secretive can.

What industry is primed for enterprise 2.0?

  • Wilson: Media space has been their biggest growth space.
  • Strout: Technology clients are the most difficult to deal with because they think they can physically build and manage it. Yet, at the same time they were primed to actually use it.

How do your orchestrate change management?

  • Howard: Start putting meeting notes in the blog instead of emailing them out. People will soon learn and adapt.
  • Wilson: Technology is only part of the solution, implementation is what really matters. Part of their process with clients is to send require community management assessment and training.

What question do you hate hearing from prospects?

  • Howard: Can I get this in 24 hours? What bad things are going to happen?
  • Wilson: What if somebody says something bad about us? Can we get a source code agreement on this?
  • Lawrence: Can you give us $3 million of software for free? How am I going to monetize this?

Lawrence says whenever he gets these dumb questions he sends them back to Sharepoint.

In the end, nobody got hurt during the Social Network Shoot Out.

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