Hanging with Andy Ihnatko at a coffee shop in San Francisco

by David Spark on January 4, 2009

Once a year Andy Ihnatko and I reconnect when he comes out for MacWorld. I’ve actually known Andy since we were both in 7th grade, as we grew up in the same town in Massachusetts. After we had dinner with my wife, Joy, we hit a coffee shop and made this silly video. Enjoy, it’s about 8 minutes.

David Spark and Andy Ihnatko in a coffee shop in San Francisco from dspark on Vimeo.

When I got home to upload my videos, I noticed that Andy had recorded this video when I stepped away from the table to go to the bathroom. He’s complaining about me, because heck, that’s what I would do to him. It’s just one minute. Watch to the very end. :)

Andy Ihnatko Complains about Me from dspark on Vimeo.

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