Great online tools to manage the stress of flying

by David Spark on January 5, 2009

Thanks to Direct Villas for this great post and tips on airline services. Make sure you read their post for complete descriptions, but here’s a summary of all the great tools.

How do I know if I bought my ticket at the right time? – We all know that the airlines like to play games with us constantly changing their prices for flights. Usually, those prices go up as it gets closer to the flight date, but that’s not always the case. Yapta, is a great service that will tell you if your flight has dropped in price, and if it has, how you can get a refund for the amount it dropped. Did you know that you can do that? You can, and you should.

Uggh, I’m at the airport and I forgot my passport – Don’t let that stupid mistake or another million others ruin your business trip or vacation. DontForgetYourToothBrush.Com allows you to create a customized reminder list for your trip. The program will then send you reminders just before your trip.

I don’t want to get a room for the night, I’ll just sleep at the airport – Which airports have the best sleeping facilities or lounges that allow you to crash? You’ll discover it all with SleepingInAirports.Com.

Get a seat with a view, not an odor – Have you ever sat in the last seat in the plane next to the bathroom? I have, and I tell you it’s no fun. Don’t make that mistake. Visit SeatExpert.Com to know where you want to be, and not be on your flight.

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