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by David Spark on January 24, 2009

I recently became a huge fan of “Lost.” My wife and I got caught up with three seasons of episodes on DVD in just a few weeks. It was kind of disappointing when we had to be like everyone else and wait each week for another episode. With the eight month hiatus, it was like torture. Now that we finally got our “Lost” fix, we have to go through the arduous task of waiting once every week. What are we supposed to do the other six days?

I started to scour the Internet for some Lost resources and first realized that there are a ton of fans out there and a ton of resources. I only wanted the best, so from my JV fandom estimation, here are some of the best resources I found out there for “Lost” fans who are looking for additional discussion and information about their favorite show.

Top resources for Lost Fans

Watch episodes online – If you forgot to set your TiVo (you mean you don’t have “Lost” on Season Pass?) or you didn’t get home in time Wednesday night, not to worry, you can still watch episodes for free (with short commercial breaks) on the site, or you can pay $2.99 per episode on iTunes for a commercial free episode.

Lostpedia – It’s everything you ever wanted to know and not know about “Lost.” For example, there’s a page on all the appearances and references to polar bears on the island. In Wiki format it can be edited by anyone, even you.

Podcasts – The official podcast can be found here (direct iTunes link), but even though it’s official, it’s kind of lame and there are never any major reveals. Instead I started looking for some fan podcasts. From the community perspective, it appears that (direct iTunes link) is the most popular one. I like their overused tagline: “We read the ‘Lost’ forums so you don’t have to.”

Online chat – Honestly, I’m not sure where the best “Lost” chat is. If you’re looking for hardcore “Lost” fans, you’re best bet is to hit the IRC chat rooms. Lostpedia has a full list and links of all those chat rooms. But I’m eager to find a really good Web-based chat. If anyone can recommend a better Lost chat room, let me know.

Fan sites – These sites have pictures, articles, and pretty much everything a fan could hope for. I recommend Lost Media and Lost TV.

Twitter users – There are a few Twitter users that Tweet almost exclusively about “Lost.” Tip of the hat to a great “Lost” blog, daily LOST, for compiling this list.

Easter eggs – Hidden references inserted in the background that only appear briefly on screen or pass by in the background. The fan site, The Tail Section, has been pulling up great Easter egg articles from Here are the Easter eggs from episode 5.1, “Because you left” and episode 5.2, “The Lie.” If you’d like to see all Easter eggs from past episodes, check out Lostpedia.

Gifts – There’s a lot of “Lost” branded items out there. If you’re looking for a gift for a true “Lost” fan, check out this article.

If you can recommend any other good “Lost” online content, especially a good chat room, let me know.

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Craig January 25, 2009 at 8:54 pm

I was recently introduced to Lostpedia and have been hooked ever since. I always have been searching for some good lost sites, and forums, thanks for the extra links. Are you a huge Lost fan as well or just reporting on it?

David Spark January 26, 2009 at 2:05 am

Did you happen to read the first sentence of the post, Craig? :)

pjk February 11, 2009 at 1:56 am

I personally like The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack. They used to (not sure if they still do) grab frames in HD of the Easter eggs in each episode and sync them up to the audio, so watching the enhanced AAC version was pretty cool. I would catch a lot of things that I missed.

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