Fun new ways to print photos

by David Spark on January 24, 2009

The days of wallet size, 4×6″, and 8×10″ prints is over. Why get a wallet-sized photo of your dog when you get it printed on your shoes? Photo gifts are sometimes the best gifts to get people who literally have everything. And it’s usually really affordable. There are tons of online resources offering cool new ways for your to print photos. Here’s a round up of some of the my favorites:

Your Daily Flipbook: Last week I talked about one of my favorite wastes of time, DailyMugshot, which allows you to take a picture of yourself every single day to create a fun animated movie of yourself. After you take your 64th photo, you can create a 3.5? x 2? flipbook for only $9. Another site that allows you to make flipbooks is FlipClips.

3D cards from Snapily – Using lenticular printing, Snapily can combine multiple photos into one flat image that looks like it’s moving as you move the card or your head around the card. Kind of like the sensation when you look at a hologram image. The major problem with Snapily is it doesn’t appear you can just order a plain print with multiple photos on it. You have to use one of their incredibly cheesy templates. It’s odd because when you go to the site, the sample the show you is of a simple plain print with no template around it. Tip of the hat to the Gadgetwise blog on the NY Times for this tip.

Photo sneakers – Keds Studio lets you design your own sneakers with your own design or photo. Problem is they’re only available for women and kids.

Lawn signs – Want to sell your home or let everyone know that your kid made varsity? Shout it with a lawn sign (18″ x 12″ or 27″ by 18″) from Vistaprint.

Video camera – You can design your own Flip Mino or Flip Mino HD with a photo or design. My wife designed mine with my company logo. No additional cost to put your own photo/design when you purchase your Flip.

If you have any recommendations of fun ways to print photos, please let me know. Just add a comment.

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