Technologies to correct our mistakes

by David Spark on March 20, 2009

Google Undo

Mail Goggles – For late night emailing, this product requires you to solve a few math problems before you send out a late night email you wish you hadn’t send. Turns on late at night when you may have had a few too many to drink.

Undo Send – Like the delay for profanity on TV and radio stations, Undo Send is a five-second send delay function in Google which allows you to stop the sending of an email when you realize you made a mistake at the moment you hit the send button.

Forgotten attachment editor – Ever say, “Please see the attached file,” and then forget to attach the file? We all have. And to prevent that mistake, turn this Gmail function on and it will remind you to attach the file if you say something like, “See the attached file” in your email and you didn’t actually attach a file.

FilterKeys – A function in Windows XP where you can prevent Windows from accepting repeated key strokes if you hold down a key too long.

Spell checker – I know we can all thank Microsoft Word for including spell checker, especially as we’re writing. But did you know that Firefox also has spell checking as well? Just like with Microsoft Word, Firefox underlines the incorrectly spelled word and you can right-click on it to pick a suggested correct one.

I’m looking for lots and lots of recommendations. This is all I could initially find. If you’ve got some tips, please let me and my readers know. Thanks!

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