Cranky about #followfriday, Skype, Apple, and The Beatles

by David Spark on September 3, 2009

On this week’s episode of Cranky Geeks, John C. Dvorak wakes up and we talk about the tech news of the week including:

  • Is Twitter going to fade away like CB radio?
  • How can we make #followfriday suck less? (see my article)
  • Apple’s big announcement next week. New iPods, yes, but will they finally start selling Beatles music?
  • Did eBay make the smart decision to sell Skype? Or should they have done something with it? And what about investors? What should they think of companies like eBay and Google who buy companies and then do nothing with them?

Cranky Geeks with John C. Dvorak

Watch and let me know what you think. Also on the show, Garnett Lee of and Sebastian Rupley, of PCMagCast.

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