Cranky on Twitter and Making Money from Podcasting

by David Spark on September 30, 2009

Do you really think Twitter is worth $1 billion? Would you accept advertising from it? What is Twitter going to do with that $100 million investment?

What about making money from podcasting? John C. Dvorak makes money on Mevio hosting Cranky Geeks. How does he make money from Mevio, and are there other ways to make money?

That and a whole lot more was discussed on Cranky Geeks today as I joined Mevio President, podcast pioneer, and former MTV VJ, Adam Curry, host John C. Dvorak, and co-crank Sebastian Rupley. We get to a very quick discussion about making money from podcasting at the end of the show. Just before the show I did a one-on-one interview with Adam Curry about Mevio and how they make money for themselves and podcasters. Watch the show or watch my one-on-one interview. Cranky Geeks-Adam Curry

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