Summary of The CMO Club Summit San Francisco 2009

by David Spark on November 12, 2009

I made yet another return engagement covering The CMO Club Summit. Here’s my coverage from the 2008 Summit in San Francisco, and my coverage of the 2008 Summit in NYC.

The topic du jour this year at The CMO Club Summit was definitely social media. I don’t think there was a single session where the topic wasn’t brought up. It’s a constant concern. People kept bringing up issues of how do you measure it, what’s the ROI, where do you start, and how do we engage. Lots of answers, but still tons of questions.

Major kudos to The CMO Club founder Pete Krainik for bringing in some heavy hitters to the presentation such as Guy Kawasaki, singer Amy Grant, and producer Jon Landau. Here’s a summary of all the coverage. A total of 25 blog articles of which 13 include video.

Get the flash player here:

Special thanks to Scott Plamondon of (sp)editorial for covering for me Thursday morning as I made my way back to San Francisco from Philadelphia.

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